The Retirement Benefits Group (RBG) story


The RBG was created by AXA Advisors to specifically address the needs of the employer-sponsored markets -- public schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, nonprofits, and municipalities/governmental entities. 

The history of the RBG dates back to the early 1980's when two advisors, Ted Beal and John DeLiso, decided to focus their efforts on helping schoolteachers in New Jersey with Retirement Planning.  Ted and John developed a personalized approach towards helping their clients chart a course for financial success, giving an otherwise under-served community the information and confidence they needed to create the retirement of their dreams.

Over the years, the RBG expanded its expertise beyond the realm of employer-sponsored markets, and evolved into today's model of delivering full-service Financial Planning to the general public. 

Today, the RBG ranks among the industry leaders as providers of the 403(b) and 457(b) plans.  According to LIMRA1, AXA Equitable achieved the #1 ranking in new 403(b) contributions in the K-12 marketplace.




1LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, fourth quarter, 2013 Not-for-Profit Retirement Market Sales Survey